Little known things about Lionel Messi

Nowadays, Lionel Messi is at the center of the controversy because of his unsuccessful defection from Barcelona. In fact , in addition to those cult myths, there are quite a few curious things about Messi that many people do not know about.

Called after the star of the music 

Have you ever seen Messi ‘s name as familiar to Lionel Messi, close to the name of a prominent figure? This familiar feeling turned out to be true. Messi ‘s name Lionel is named after the famous singer Lionel Richie. 

Messi was born in 1987, just a year after Lionel Richie released his hit record, Dancing on the Ceiling. As an insane fan of Lionel Richie, Messi ‘s parents wanted to make their son Lionel his hero.

The Spanish Dictionary 

There are several avenues to celebrate Messi ‘s exceptional football talent. The Spanish dictionary compilers have a very special way of doing this. In 2017, a new word inspired by Messi was developed. 

This is the phrase “inmessionante.” This term means “the best way to play soccer.” When a player is identified with the term “inmessionante,” it is a great privilege.

Have a relationships with Bojan Krkic 

Messi turned out to be a nephew of Bojan

The two of them have a 4-generation friendship. Messi and Bojan have the same ancestor Mariano Perez Miralles in Spain. 

Roughly, Messi and Bojans have had the same ancestry in Spain since the 19th century. It is no coincidence that the Messi family and the Bojan family have the same middle name as Perez.

The other two cousins are athletes

Besides his distant cousin Bojan, who used to share the same colour as Barca, Messi also has two other cousins who also play professional football. The first is Midwayer Emmanuel Biancucchi. A year younger than Messi, Emmanuel Biancucchi grew up in Newell’s Old Boys training center after spending years roaming through Germany, Paraguay, Brazil before Peru and returning to Newell’s Old Boys. 

The second person is the forward Maxi Biancucchi. Maxi Biancucchi, 3 years older than Messi, has only played for teams in the Americas for his entire career. In the teams that I joined, Maxi Biancucchi was always renamed by his teammates to the nickname of Messi ‘s cousin.