Things you do not know much about Ronaldo

One of the most popular superstars of all time is Ronaldo, a football player. He’s a striker who plays for the Real Madrid club.

He made a strong impact on the fans throughout his football career

Noble accomplishments in the super classic arenas have made him the most sought-after player in the world.

A genuine poker player

Soccer player Ronaldo is a successful Portuguese super striker who plays at the Real Madrid club. His hobby is not just a game of king soccer. But Ronaldo also tries his mind in his spare time on this intellectual subject. The key delegate of the popular PokerStars website is currently the top scorer.

Ronaldo trained hard to be successful

Cristiano Ronaldo is not a genius born. What he has done is thanks to hard work on the pitch throughout his career. When he came to the club, he was very frail in his physical state. So the desire to deal with the situation on the ground and kick the ball is not as good as the current. 

Until he served at Old Trafford, his kicking capabilities were better, but most of the ways were wrong. Superstar used to be very positive about that. In order to develop his fitness and abilities, he rewards him for remaining behind to practice during each training session. Not long after that the results of his efforts were seen to the outside.

Ronaldo and the surgery

Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with a heart condition at the age of 15. This is not so surprising for fans, since he trained on the field at full capacity. The accident was so serious that his psychiatrist told him to consider pursuing a career in football.

The surgery has just a 50 percent success rate, it won’t be able to continue playing when it fails. The outcome was a triumph beyond estimates, Ronaldo started his career as a footballer. He is 32 years old and has reached the top ten fastest running legends in the world with a speed of 33.6 km/h.