Roger Federer: Legend, victory and an incredible story

World sports history can not justify this phenomenon; a data report or a list of records can show just a fraction of Federer’s true power.

When Federer became a professional, he was considered a potential player in July 1998, but it was obvious that he was already unfinished and inevitable to struggle. 

Federer came to the fore in 2001, when he defeated Pete Sampras at the Wimbledon Tournament in what was called a generational switch. Unfortunately, Federer didn’t take advantage of that.

Many observers have found that Federer never sweats or looks drained in tournaments, although others have dismissed him as a “destroyer” for lack of worthy opponents. Colleagues, while shaking hands at the end of the match, everyone told Federer that it was a pleasure to play (and lose) against him.

Federer ‘s talent expresses itself in an exceptional mix, a perfect proportion of dexterity and effort, touch and power, physical technique and heart, elegance and performance, indifference and resolve.

Federer has lost his throne to Rafael Nadal. He finally realized that he wasn’t the best or the strongest player in the world. Chased out of the Garden of Eden on earth, he was left to struggle with sorrow, and Federer’s fans were also stunned and devastated by their idol. They almost believed that the easy wins of previous years were, in fact, due to the lack of worthy opposition. 

It took time to get rid of the dreams, but Federer finally established a balance with his foe

Roger Federer was a movement that arose in the 1990s with the unification of international trade and emblematic personalities such as Michael Jordan, Schumacher, Ronaldo de Lima and Lance Armstrong, the most influential champions of the time.Like them, he has a dominant instinct, a yearning for record and high professionalism, as well as the ambition to become a popular brand.

It’s pointless to talk over the greatest player of all time, or the number of milestones. Stronger people should get what they deserve. Breaking records isn’t supposed to be an obsession. We are very fortunate to have lived in the era of Roger Federer.